03.05.12 - Kickstarter Roll Out, Round 1


Give your sexy GMO-free, Made-In-The-USA antics sticker a new home, snap a photo, and send it to reachantics@gmail.com. You could win a prize, like more stickers or an open mouthed kiss*.

*close relatives are not eligible for open mouthed kiss. Must be 18 to enter.

11.30.12 - Studio Update

After months in the studio we're almost done tracking.

Queue the montage:

antics Studio Update #1 from antics on Vimeo.

Next up: mixing the album and booking the spring tour. If you'd like us to visit a city near you (from Maine to Ohio to Maryland) send us an email (reachantics@gmail.com) with your favorite local venue. If you have a PA system, we'll even consider playing your house party. Just make sure it's ok with your parents first.

07.23.12 - K I C K S T A R T antics

antics is recording an album, making music videos and going on tour.
We need your help.

Donate at:

06.18.12 - antics @ Williamsburg Waterfront

Free acoustic mini festival at the waterfront. antics is on stage 3 at 5:40pm.

06.17.12 - antics @ Northside Festival

Look for antics at Brooklyn's own Northside Festival, Sunday June 17th at Bar Matchless. We'll be sharing the stage with local bands CONFAB and Island Twins. It's the best thing on a Sunday night since Game Of Thrones.

This will be our last show before going into the studio to record our second LP. Send us off in proper fashion.

05.13.12 - Thanks

We wanted to take a second to thank everyone who came out to see us play last night at Santos. It meant a lot to us to see such overwhelming support. We hope to see you all again in the very near future, and hopefully at our next show. It's hard to express it in words, so we hope this photo conveys how we feel.

This is how we feel. Once again, we love you all.

04.30.12 - Alive and Well

Next Show:
Santos Party House
w/ Brendan Rivera, Gameday Regulars, and Stuedabakerbrown

May 11, 2012
Doors @ 6 PM


08.23.11 - Maximum Music Podcast » BreakThru Radio

"Interesting sound those guys have. I really kinda dig the sort of next level indie kind of sound that they're rolling with…kind of digging them very much. I haven't seen these guys live yet, but I've listened to quite a lot of their recorded stuff and I've also gotten some pretty good feedback from people whose opinions I trust musically and they said listen you gotta check these guys out. Seven times out of 10 times that happens, you know, it's 50/50 but this was actually one of the few bands that grabbed my attention right off the top so they're definitely somebody you want to check out. They're definitely somebody you want to get down with...you want to see them live. antics, put that down on the calendar." - DJ Mojo

Listen to the podcast here: http://www.breakthruradio.com/#/post/?blog=39&post=778

05.07.11 - help us help bleeding hearts

Bleeding Hearts is a multimedia, interactive art installation and interdisciplinary album release event conceived by Futurist. On June 30th, 2011, we will team up with some of New York City's most innovative young artists to present both an interactive walk-through album and interdisciplinary live performance of their first full-length studio album War is Yesterday.

Buy your tickets now to the party on June 30th and get $10 off.

Donate: http://kck.st/giiL84
Official Website: http://www.bleeding-hearts.net

04.09.11 - we live for somethings

It'll Be Okay performed live at Arlene's Grocery on March 3, 2011. More videos from this performance will appear soon ... anticipate.

04.01.11 - fools

a teeny taste (amuse bouche)

03.29.11 - MUSIC THAT'S NEW TO ME » Feature

"I don't know too much about this band except that they reside in Brooklyn. I just recently heard this off of the February edition of the Indie/Rock Playlist and feel this band has potential. I will keep them on my radar for now and hopefully hear more from them soon. Download their album off of their website here."

Check it out here:

02.08.11 - THE INDIE ROCK PLAYLIST » Feature

For the month of February, Scenarios in Stereo is featured as song #84 on The Indie Rock Playlist.

The playlist is available for download here:

01.30.11 - The News of it All

Welcome to the new everythingantics.com. Browse around. You'll find our upcoming show dates, our debut album, "Everything," available to stream and download for free, a compilation of video and press, a page to purchase whatever we have laying around the loft, and a contact form to share your deepest secrets. If you'd like to see us play at a venue near you, let us know and we'll take note.

See you at Pianos tomorrow night.

- antics